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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 15, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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ith anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at hello, everyone. new revelations in the mysterious meeting at trump tower. two more people now added to the list, including those who may have ties to russian intelligence. the president comes to his son's defense. >> most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research. >> i hear the president saying things that are so shall we say groundless. he says oh, this is just politics. this is not just politics.
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>> meanwhile, the health care showdown continues. a second attempt at the republican bill. just one senator away from falling flat. and swallowed by the earth. homes and a boat destroyed in florida as a massive sinkhole continues to grow. we begin this hour in new jersey, where president trump is spending this saturday on the golf course. not playing a round, but rather, watching the u.s. women's open at his club in bedminster. the president returning from paris late yesterday and facing new questions about that meeting last june at trump tower. a meeting we now know included not only a russian attorney but also a russian american lobbyist who is also a former soviet counterintelligence sergeant. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in piscataway, new jersey. what has the white house been saying about this today? >> reporter: good to be with you. the white house is really not
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saying a lot about the specific new details that have been coming out, but there are some actions that relate to all of this. today, the president tweeted about the economy and the stock market and included in it a line about the russian hoax. so he's trying to brand all of the developments that relate to the meeting involving his son and son-in-law as being a part of that hoax. that of course is viewed very differently by democrats and certainly by the investigations that are under way on capitol hill and with the special counsel. we also heard in that clip from the president when he was still in france downplaying the meeting, trying to sort of turn the volume down to say that there's nothing really to see here. that's sort of the approach the white house has taken. also today, the official announcement from the white house that the president is hiring ty cobb, a washington lawyer who will come inside the
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white house and work as a special counsel to the president to handle all of these issues that come up related to the russia investigation. by that i mean congress is making inquiries, they want to talk to those who are involved, they want to get records, they want to get information, in addition to media inquiries about it. so sort of beefing up the internal legal strategy at the white house. that's separate from the president's own lawyers who are working for him privately. so there are some developments from the white house, but they are trying to avoid talking about it directly. of course, as you pointed out, donald trump jr. talked about his meeting, saying it was just about russian adoptions when he first brought this up and acknowledged it one week ago. we have seen through the course of that week the stories changing. the number of people involved changing. and we learned the identities that do raise questions in the minds of many who are looking at this about what was the role of the russian lawyer and then this figure you described who had been a soviet military officer in counterintelligence, now a
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naturalized u.s. citizen working in d.c. as a lobbyist. what was the real agenda. those are the big questions that need to be answered. it will take some time to unravel all of this but it has been a very difficult week for the trump family based on this. you also raised the point we are here in new jersey because of the trump bedminster national golf club where the president spends many weekends is the place hosting the women's u.s. open this weekend. we expect this afternoon that the president will attend. he's tweeted as much and we expect to see him at some point watching all of the action this afternoon. stephanie? >> nbc's kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. we are learning more about the mystery man who joined the moscow lawyer, natalia veselnitskaya for the meeting with donald trump jr. and other campaign insiders. his name is rinat akhmetshin. nbc news was first to report his involvement in the meeting. he's a russian-born american lobbyist and former soviet counterintelligence sergeant.
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some american officials suspect he is tied to russian intelligence. nbc's intelligence and national security reporter, ken delanian is with us and ken karl, let's start with you. you have been looking into akhmetshin. what else do we know about him? is there evidence he was working with the kremlin during that meeting last year? >> well, i don't know about working with the kremlin specifically, but he was certainly lobbying on behalf of a cause that was near and dear to vladimir putin's heart which is against these magnitsky act sanctions targeting human rights violators. he has been doing that for a long time as has the lawyer, veselnitskaya. they both contend the story behind those sanctions is a fraud and have been arguing that case to anyone in washington who will listen. but in general, i mentioned he's kind of a washington figure, he's a fixer, he works in the shadowy world of corporate intelligence gathering. he does have a military background, but he moved here in the '90s, became a u.s. citizen,
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travels abroad, speaks french, speaks multiple languages, is a rather charming fellow known by many reporters in town. his appearance at this meeting is likely to draw further suspicion from investigators. >> there have been concerns about him before, right? republican chuck grassley, the senate judiciary chair raised concerns about him in april, didn't he? >> yeah. that does reach back into this whole magnitsky act dispute but yes, grassley, their nemesis in the magnitsky act dispute is a hedge fund man who filed a complaint allege that akhmetshin should have registered as a foreign lobbyist. grassley is pursuing that lobby. there is a hearing on the hill next week about this. but of course, he's denied he should have been registered as a foreign lobbyist. that's where that stands. >> glenn, turning to you, when it comes to this meeting and the russians, you say quote, this is how it's done. what do you mean by that?
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>> well, we often will make an error in america, journalists in particular because this is your job, of trying to delineate things very clearly. in intelligence, the more murky something is, the better and happier you are. so you will rarely if ever, sometimes you will, say i'm a
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spy and i want you to commit espionage. or say i'm a diplomat and i'm only doing diplomacy. things will always be fuzzy. the way it's done, what i meant by that, is you will take multiple approaches to individuals and entities to achieve your end. but that doesn't really square with the e-mails we saw from rob goldstone where he was promising direct report from the russian government and derogatory information about hillary clinton set up by the agalarovs, business partners of the trump family. those two stories don't really square. according to the trump people
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there was really no derogatory information smiupplied about clinton. we don't know what to make about that. >> when you see donald trump jr. trying to downplay the significance of the meeting, what's your reaction? more importantly, what should americans' reactions be to the very different accounting of what that meeting was about? >> well, my reaction is that it's like the husband caught with his pants down who says but let me explain, it's not what it looks like when it actually is what it looks like. the magnitsky act is both substantive, a real objective of the russians and the way it's done again because it's a good cover story for an approach to an individual and trying to advance information. i heard, i haven't been able to confirm it but perhaps you folks can, that the russians left a dossier. often what one does, you don't say here's something really compromising, i have now given you something. you simply leave something. the person has never been given something, it just is there.
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that seems a distinction without a difference but actually it's psychologically quite important and part of intelligence work. this is how you pass information you want to pass clandestinely without implicating in the other person's mind that person himself. >> it sounds like you are saying something else could shake out from this meeting that we don't know about yet. there isn't any evidence of that, however, at this point, right? >> well, i don't know if there's evidence or not. >> i have some clarity on that. veselnitskaya told nbc news she brought with her a two-page summary of the magnitsky act allegations and that it included some allegations about what she viewed as questionable contributions to the democratic national committee. she wasn't clear whether she left it there, showed it to the trump team, handed it to the trump team. but that is an allegation that is out there. unclear exactly what's in that document. >> all right. go ahead, glenn. quickly. >> i think we shouldn't focus too much on the minutae of
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whether the document was left or not. the important thing is the fact of the meeting, fitting in a coherent series of steps by the russians which the trumps were welcoming and receiving at multiple levels. >> thanks, guys. >> thank you. happening now, day two of an organized march against the national rifle association. hundreds of demonstrators made the 17-mile trek from nra headquarters in arlington, virginia to the department of justice in washington, d.c. protesters are calling on the nra to respond to the castille trial verdict. we are in washington with more on this. >> reporter: good afternoon. there were a lot of motivations for these marchers. you mentioned there were a few hundred. organizers estimate between 150 and 300. they made that some 18-mile trek. no one needs to be told about the weather on the east coast
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yesterday. brutally hot. then a violent thunderstorm. many of those marchers braved that, kept on marching, arrived in downtown washington, spent the night in a church sanctuary and were out here this morning at the department of justice just behind me. as you can see, the rally has dissipated but they were motivated by a couple things. you mentioned their anger at the national rifle association because of its relative silence after the castille verdict was reached, acquitting the police officer who shot castille. there's alarm over an nra video, national rifle association video featuring conservative pundit dana lohse which many consider to be belligerent, even verging on a call for violence to use the term the closed fist of truth. but perhaps the overriding motivation, a desire to keep up the motivation, the movement that started the day after president trump's inauguration here in washington and elsewhere around the world. the women's march that saw some two million and more around the world marching for women's rights and other issues.
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their concern? the activist who was instrumental in organizing this protest as well as earlier protests and demonstrations, said that much of what's happening around the world is a blessing in disguise because people are motivated. but with midterm congressional elections still more than a year away here in the united states, with the presidential election in 2020, still some concern whether or not the resistance can maintain the energy that it has. so about 300 people out here. there were some counter demonstrators from gun rights groups that had open carry weapons with them. in virginia yesterday at nra headquarters and indeed, across the street today, they were protesting what they see as hypocrisy of the movement and some of its leaders. a turnout today, rallies, speeches heard trying to keep up the momentum, trying to keep up the energy we saw shortly after the day after, as a matter of fact, the trump inauguration in the women's march. >> mike, quickly, you have a huge group but did the nra
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respond in any way today? >> reporter: there was another video from dana lohse on behalf of the nra. remember, she's a conservative pundit who was very vocal in a video that criticized the marchers. she made some allegations that many of the marchers were in the pocket of louis farrakhan. there were other reports in conservative media that some of the leaders of the march were so concerned for their safety that they hired armed security to march with them along the way and they claim that that is a sign of hypocrisy on the part of the marchers. obviously the leaders of the march, many of the people we spoke with here today, deny that they call it a change of subject and a diversion in an attempt to change the subject on the part of many opposition groups who are opposed to what these women were marching about here today. >> thanks, mike. all in the family.
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grandparents, aunts and cousins included. another setback for the president after a federal judge from hawaii expands his travel ban. how the white house plans to fight back. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why!
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legal wrangling is expected over president trump's travel ban. attorney general jeff sessions announced he will appeal a hawaii federal judge's decision to loosen the rules on the new policy. president trump's travel ban restricts immigration from six muslim majority countries, permitting only those applicants with close family ties into the u.s. now, hawaii expanded the list of family relationships that qualified to include grandparents, grandchildren and other relatives. sessions accused the court of undermining national security and creating confusion. the supreme court is expected to take up the case in october. for more, i'm joined by the state attorney general of
11:19 am
hawaii. thank you very much for joining me today. >> thank you, stephanie. >> attorney general sessions suggests that these new guidelines are undermining our national security and also creating confusion. what's your reaction to his allegation? >> well, from the very start, we have always said that this trump administration executive order issuing the travel ban has no basis in stopping terrorism and is simply a pretext for prejudice and discrimination. and so we continue to stand by that. at this point, what we're doing is we're now wrangling over whether grandparents are considered close family members and a hawaii federal judge, district court judge here, agreed with our contention that clearly, common sense dictates that your grandparents are your close family members and we are simply trying to keep the trump administration honest in abiding
11:20 am
by the supreme court's ruling. >> but you know, you do have the supreme court ruling regardless of how you feel about the travel ban in general, and the supreme court ruling is people with bona fide connections with people in the u.s. are allowed in. does this expansion kind of violate the spirit of their decision? >> oh, not at all. in fact, what we believed was that the supreme court had said that a close family relationship was all that's required and that people who have no connection to the united states were the people who are supposed to be held back by the travel ban. that's what the supreme court ruled. what the trump administration did with that ruling is they came up with what we consider to be a rather nutty categorical exceptions that took out grandparents, aunts and uncles and said those people aren't close family which is not only illogica illogical it's also hurtful.
11:21 am
a lot of the people who are refugees or coming from these different countries actually come from families where the grandparents or someone who is two degrees removed is actually their close family member. and the supreme court didn't take that definition to heart and so we are asking, we have asked the court to make sure the supreme court ruling is followed. >> the supreme court is not likely to act until this fall, october. what happens in the meantime? this could lead to confusion as the attorney general suggested, couldn't it? >> well, what you have right now is you do have a court order on a nationwide injunction that the supreme court said applies to people who have a bona fide connection to the united states either to an individual or to a family. and this court order that came out on thursday, that clarifies or interprets the supreme court ruling to say that it includes people that are grandparents or
11:22 am
that are people who have a formal assurance with the resettlement agency. so we do see that there is some sort of clarification from that. now, what's interesting, stephanie, is that late last night, the trump administration did file an appeal with the u.s. supreme court and essentially we could see a number of things happen in the next couple days. everything from them taking no action to them taking some -- taking up the trump administration's appeal. that will be a good preview for how the supreme court's going to be feeling about it, feeling about this whole issue, in october. >> let's just quickly talk about refugees. the federal court in hawaii also ruled that the government cannot exclude refugees who have a promise of placement from a resettlement agency in the u.s. does that ruling contradict the current federal policy? >> well, it contradicts the current trump administration policy but it doesn't contradict
11:23 am
what the supreme court had ruled. what we are trying to do, we are saying look, if you are the trump administration and you are taking the supreme court ruling and adopting something that's overly restrictive and by that, i mean what they were doing is they were taking refugees that had a formal assurance from a resettlement agency here in the u.s. if you are keeping those people from coming into the country, that's not what the supreme court ordered in their ruling. they said people who have no connections to the united states are to be held back by the travel ban. and so the u.s. judge agreed with us and that's what the trump administration has decided to appeal. so here we are. >> all right. the legal battle continues. hawaii attorney general doug chin, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. six members of afghanistan's all girls robotics team are in washington today after being rejected twice for u.s. visas. earlier this week the president
11:24 am
directly intervened to sidestep the visa system. the debacle drew global attention as the administration tries to tighten entrance into the u.s. the girls are here to participate tomorrow in the three-day competition at the capital along with entrants from 157 countries. we wish them all the luck. it's only been legal for two weeks and nevada is already having pot problems. the green light given to distributors after the state's supply went up in smoke. next, cousins accused of committing deadly crimes. gruesome details released involving the murders of four men on a family farm in pennsylvania.
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11:28 am
mystery solved. a suspect and new accomplice behind bars. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo pleaded guilty to four counts of criminal homicide in the deaths of four young pennsylvania men missing since last week. his cousin, sean kratz, admitted his involvement in three of them. in what appears to be a series of drug deals gone bad. >> we did find three of those young men buried deep within the ground under an old oil tank that was converted into a cooker, about 12 1/2 feet down. >> reporter: after two stunning confessions, investigators finally believe they know exactly what happened. >> we have the two men locked up that need to be brought to justice. >> reporter: according to the affidavit, on july 5th, dinardo told police he shot and killed jeme patrick because he didn't have the $8,000 to buy four pounds of marijuana. dinardo then buried patrick on his parents' remote multi-million dollar farm. just two days later, dinardo agreed to sell marijuana to another boy, 19-year-old dean
11:29 am
finocchiaro. instead, dinardo picked up kratz and the two decided to rob finocchiaro instead. each one says the other shot finocchiaro in the head. that same night, dinardo drove both tom meo and mark sturgis to his home for yet another drug deal. kratz was there waiting. in the affidavit, dinardo says when they turned their backs on me, i shot tom. then when sturgis started to run, dinardo shot him, too. telling police he poured gasoline into a metal tank trying to burn the bodies before he buried them. the grisly slayings leaving the town shocked. >> they don't know what to make of it. turning to central florida, a massive sinkhole that swallowed two homes and a boat has stopped growing for at least 17 hours which is good news. dramatic video shows a home in a residential neighborhood collapsing into the hole. terrible picture there. this morning officials said 11 homes were impacted. nine now tagged as unsafe for
11:30 am
entry and evacuated for precaution. no injuries have been reported. authorities continue to closely monitor the situation. next, the senate's health care bill gets a second wind but can it make it past the finish line? the latest players added to the push to appeal obamacare and how vice president pence tried to win their support. four seconds on the clock, down by one. championship on the line. erin "the sharpshooter" shanahan fakes left. she's outside of the key, she shoots... ...she scores! uh... yes, erin, it is great time to score a deal. we need to make room for the 2018 models. relive the thrill of beating the clock. the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 bonus and 0% apr on a new 2017 jetta or passat. ccourtship now.
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more trouble this afternoon for the latest gop health care proposal. two major insurers asking leader mitch mcconnell to remove senator ted cruz's amendment that would allow insurers to sell cheaper plans with fewer benefits. america's health insurance plans and the blue cross blue shield association calling the cruz proposal unworkable in any form. this morning, president trump addressed health care in his weekly address. >> i am pleased to report that
11:34 am
we are very, very close to ending this health care nightmare. we are so close. it's a common sense approach that restores the sacred doctor/patient relationship and you are going to finally have great health care at a lower price. >> this weekend, top trump officials including vice president mike pence and health and human services secretary tom price are in rhode island trying to garner support at the national governors association gathering. >> president donald trump is going to lead this congress to rescue the american people from the collapsing policies of obamacare. >> after being unveiled on tuesday, the senate replacement bill is already facing resistance on the hill, with kentucky's rand paul and maine's susan collins already coming out in opposition. >> this bill doesn't repeal obamacare. >> i'm very disappointed,
11:35 am
because i have been very vocal about my concerns. >> at last count, numerous senators are still on the fence regarding its approval while the margin for it passing borders on slim and none. msnbc's alex seitzwald joins us from the governors meeting in rhode island. what's the reality on the ground? >> well, i think it's still very tough. they can't afford to lose a single more vote which explains this full court press. in addition to lobbying senators directly the administration is making a bank shot, coming here to lobby governors, in the hopes the governors will influence their senators. there are some senators who said they will defer to nar govethei governors because there's billions of dollars on the line especially for medicaid. you had the omb director mulvaney speak to governors this morning, secretary price spoke to them yesterday and pence giving the big keynote address.
11:36 am
take a look at a little more of what he had to say. >> the legislation ensures that every american with pre-existing conditions has access to the coverage and care they need no, exceptio exceptions. >> so that is a big question here among the governors, pre-existing conditions, medicaid. they are worried about their state budgets. there's billions of dollars coming from the federal government under the affordable care act that they stand to lose. they are worried about their citizens not being covered anymore. the administration tells them that that's not going to happen. they tell them that the congressional budget office scores are incorrect. but even a lot of republican governors i have spoken to are not sold on that. it's actually hard to find a republican governor here who will give a full-throated endorsement of the bill. most of them are still saying they are on the fence. >> alex, thank you very much. appreciate it. joining us now is democratic
11:37 am
congressman raul ruiz of california, former surgeon. he offers a unique perspective into the ongoing health care debate. thank you for joining me, congressman. >> thank you so much. >> let's just start with where do you stand on the current gop version of health care reform? >> trumpcare 3.0 is still bad, it's still cruel, it's still deadly, it still takes away health insurance for millions of people under the medicaid program. that's why those republican governors are very hesitant to support it. that's why many republican senators are very concerned that millions of people are going to lose their health insurance because of the changes to medicaid. >> do you believe the everyogov meeting will have any influence on turning the tide when it comes to health care reform? >> they clearly will give the senate republicans who are on the fence some cover, but unfortunately, i do think that whether they support the bill or not, taking away medicaid from millions of people is going to
11:38 am
be a hard sell for those governors as well as those senate republicans, because we are talking about real people. i'm an emergency medicine physician. i take care of people day in and day out who come into the emergency department that not once has a patient ever told me in the emergency department that they are glad that they don't have health insurance. many patients come in when they are at their last hope, at their last breath, in very serious conditions, because they couldn't afford the medicine or the care that they needed to prevent that from happening. >> congressman, even the architects of obamacare say there are serious problems with it that need to be addressed. doesn't something need to happen in a bipartisan nature to fix what's wrong with health care right now in this country, bipartisan? >> absolutely. i just introduced a bill called the market certainty act. that bill would bring stabilization to the markets by simply permanently funding the cost sharing reductions and
11:39 am
increasing the eligibility to 400% federal poverty level. listen, premiums are going up dramatically and health insurance companies are leaving because of three fundamental things. first, we have to do no harm. one is president trump needs to fully have expanded enrollment periods. he shouldn't cut them shorter and he shouldn't stop outreach efforts to get the young and healthy who are the people who will balance costs. the second thing is he needs to stop threatening not to pay the cost sharing reductions. health insurance companies are saying that that is the primary reasons right now why they are leaving the market and why premiums are going up. third is that we have to reinstitute those reinsurance programs, those risk reduction mitigation pools that republicans have refused to implement. all of this, it's like republicans telling the american people who are standing on a rug you are going to fall. well, they're not going to fall. but then they pull the rug from
11:40 am
underneath them and say see, you fell. so we got to stop the charade and let's get serious. let's come together in a bipartisan way. let's not end the affordable care act. lets mend it. let's create market stabilization measures and provide health care for the american people. >> congressman ruiz, thank you very much. >> thank you. of emergency in nevada. next, the plan to end the pot shortage.
11:41 am
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bird: new birds eye veggie made. one laugh, and hello so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks. nevada has a drug problem and not the one you would think they have. there's not enough marijuana and nobody is licensed to transport it. this week, the state approved an emergency regulation aimed at solving the pot shortage. the nevada tax commission voted unanimously to expand new rules on who can transport marijuana
11:44 am
within the state. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in las vegas with that report. >> reporter: it is not the supply, it's the distribution. this is las vegas relief and all these bins are supposed to be filled. obviously not anymore. if you walk with me to the pot vault, you can see this dispensary started stocking up on recreational marijuana before sales started earlier this month, but now supply has dwindled to about 30%. why? well, this dispensary has a production facility about a mile away but it can't transport the stuff here to sell because of what it calls government bureaucracy. at pot dispensaries in nevada, the stash is running low. >> what's happening in nevada right now isn't a shortage of marijuana. the product is there. just no one's licensed to be able to transport it from one location to another. >> reporter: after nevada started legal recreational marijuana sales this month, pot shops can't keep up with demand. growing it is not the problem.
11:45 am
there's plenty of wholesale weed. the trouble is moving it. unlike the four other states with legal recreational pot, nevada regulators require alcohol distributors to transport the drug, but none were properly licensed when sales started. >> because we passed the law so fast or implemented it so fast we didn't have a distributor up and running, and it's a long story. >> reporter: or a cannabis conundrum. the department of taxation has declared an emergency warning the industry could grind to a halt, putting an expected $60 million in tax revenue over the next two years in jeopardy. critics say the entire pot rollout in nevada was rushed. >> i can't imagine anybody in nevada being prepared for it. yes, we are prepared to get the taxes. yes, we are prepared to offer this as another tourist incentive to come to las vegas. but the problem is, the little pieces in between. >> reporter: just off the glitzy vegas strip with its 45 million visitors a year -- >> this is it.
11:46 am
>> this is it. >> reporter: -- relief dispensary didn't want to gamble. it stocked up on product before sales started. but the high demand exceeded expectations. pot edibles, popular among tourists are virtually gone. >> we have absolutely nothing. >> reporter: in essence you are running out of pot. what does it say about vegas? >> i think it says vegas is what we call, you know, a grown person's playground. >> we knew cannabis would be a huge thing but it has been a little more than we thought it was going to be. >> reporter: as you can see, there's still some product left, but not a whole lot. it's been flying off the shelves. the nevada dispensary association estimates that during the first four days of recreational sales, it was about $3 million to $5 million worth of pot sold here in nevada. as for the distribution issue, state officials are scheduled to hold an emergency meeting today to try and hash out a solution. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, las vegas.
11:47 am
we certainly hope the good people in nevada can resolve that as quickly as possible. next, and then there were six. two more people now added to the gathering between a russian lawyer and members of trump's inner circle. what really went on in that meeting? reaction from both sides on the story that just keeps evolving next. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this july visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500.
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. >> i have a son who's a great young man, he's a fine person, took a meeting with a lawyer from russia. it lasted for a very short period and nothing came of the meeting. and i think it's a meeting that most people in politics probably would have taken. >> and president trump's first and only public comment to date about that now infamous meeting at trump tower last june a. story that broke one week ago today. it has grown into a full blown crisis for the white house.
11:51 am
joining in not only trump's former campaign manager but also the president's own son and son-in-law. for more, i am joined by the white house columnist for the hill and erin westeerin werner press. the president has stayed extremely sigh len. what do you expect him to do? >> i think we can expect he will disparage the media reports and suggest this has been infected and i suppose on the one level one can't blame him for suggesting his son. she trying to setting this is opposition research, this stuff always happens in campaigns. yes, opposition research is standard. it's not standard to get an e-mail from someone saying that that research is coming from a foreign government. >> he may be trying to convention the american public. he has clearly not convinced capitol hill. er erin, senate judiciary chairman
11:52 am
donald grassley plans to ask donald jr. and palm manafort to testify before the committee. when will this likely happen and what can we expect from it? >> i don't think we know what will happen and what we will hear there. it's been little interesting, the republican reaction to this story as it unfolds, because in general, republicans on the hill are very reticent about criticizing the president and will defer to the investigations that are ongoing and that is their overall approach. however, as far as the president's defense of his son saying that anyone would have taken that meeting, many republicans on the hill have begged to differ with that assessment over the past week. 'were asked directly, if you got an e-mail saying there is some information from a russian government, what would you do? senators like john mccain and others have said you take that
11:53 am
to the fbi, you do not take that meeting under any circumstances. so the president's defense of his son certainly is wearing a little bit thin with republicans on the hill. >> yeah, pressure on don jr. and pressure on jared kushner. democrats have intensified their calls to remove his security clearance. realistically, what is the like li hood of that happening? >> i think the likelihood is pretty small. i think president trump and people close to him would see that as tantamount to an ad mission of guilt. having said that, jared kushner is in difficulty on a number of levels. thatters the issue of whether he basically admitted the great number of foreperson meetings and the security clearance forms. there is the current issue of this meeting and there is also an interesting story where mcclatchey told reporters investigators are looking into the trump campaign's digital operation, which was overseen by jared kushner under specks or at least worthy of investigation as
11:54 am
to whether they have colluded with the prugss during the campaign. >> republicans, eric, have shown outrage over this growing scandal. talk to me a little about their reaction. do you expect that outrage, whether it's real or not to grow or will it wane? >> well, honestly, the kind of lack of outrage from republicans on the hill has been more striking over the past month than their outrage. they have little political incentive still to separate themselves from the president, despite his low approval ratings nationally as you know, his base remains loyal photo him. those are the republicans people need to win election, including general elections, few talk to senator mcconnell or speaker ryan who was asked the past week to comment on the latest developments, that i will defer to the investigations.
11:55 am
they'll say the house intelligence committee. the senate intelligence committee are investigating and we'll see what they found out. so i don't know what it would take to change that. so far nothing has. we'll see what bob mueller comes up with. but republicans on the hill, thus far, even though while expressing private frustration in some cases how this has detracked from their agenda really have not been very critical of the trump administration over this. >> now, just quickly, the president calls this investigation a hoax. don jr. says there is nothing to see here. but do you have a sense of how damaging this could be to the white house in the near and future? >> i think it's enormously damagely briefly because their whole defense has been built on the defense that yes, there might have been russian meddling, but there wasn't collusion, and what we we heard
11:56 am
in the last few days calls that into grave.indeed. >> erica warner, thank you both for joining me. >> thank you. sex assaults on college campuses, betsy devos is facing backlash on policies put in place by the obama administration, coming up, we'll hear arguments from both sides, survives of sexual assault and those who say they have been wrongly accused. through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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introducing the easiest way to get gillette blades noo text "blades" to gillette on demand text to reorder blades with gillette on demand... ...and get $3 off your first order >> good saturday. i'm stephanie dpofk in new york. it's 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. president trump back from paris, spending another weekend in bedminster, new jersey, his club is hosting the u.s. women's open, the president checking out the course yesterday with his son eric. well, another son, donald jr. remains under intense scrutiny, a week after news broke of his meeting with a russian lawyer.
12:00 pm
donald trump jr. has kept quiet since a televised interview earlier in the week. construct grassley wants him to testify before the committee. kelly, is the white house saying anything about donald jr.'s potential testimony? >> reporter: not at this point. except that they expect that all of the people involved related to the courthouse will cooperate. this is one of those things where the white house will say in the business of its agenda and issues relating to a sprawling russia investigation to the attorneys who are designated for each of the players, whether it's donald trump jr., jared kushner, who serves as a special adviser to the president. the president's own outside legal team. so that's where it gets difficult to get answers from the white house directly. we did see today how the president


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